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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  July 29, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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technical expertise, our analysis other goal looks with the entire industry is to not only find the airplane but also determine what happen. les abend, thank you so much. i'm brooke baldwin. thanks for being with me. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. \s. what did donald trump have to say with a brand-new interview? i'm jake tabor, this is "the lead." the politics lead two gomes contenders here today. donald trump addressing everything from the breast feeding controversy to michael jackson and the media, and then one on one with mike huckabee and talked about how he compared the on potential result of the iran deal to the ovens of the holocaust. the national lead -- the prosecutor called it the most as nine act he's ever seen a police officers make. a white police officers now indicted for murder for killing
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an unarmed black man after his body camera told a quite different story than the officer did. the world lead -- could it be? really? plane debris washing up on the shore of an island. the pictures prove it. it's real. now everyone especially the families are waiting to see if that debris is from that missing malaysian airplane. good afternoon, everyone. welcome to "the lead" he says his's going to win the republican nomination. he says he's going to beat hillary clinton and become the 45th president of the united states. he says journalists misreport things. he says his lawyers don't speak for him and the only person who can speak for mr. trump is mr. trump himself. our own dana bash sat down with donald trump to get him on the record his own words amid allegations and a fresh controversy surrounding his
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campaign. dana bash live in new york dana you sat down with the man himself, the republican front-runner in trump tower. what did he have to say? >> jake we discussed a lot of substantive topics from health care to immigration, but we did start with the story in "new york times" today about elizabeth beck a lawyer deposing trump during a real estate dispute. she was breast feeding at the time and she had on cnn's "new day" she wanted to take a break from the deposition to go pump and when she tried, trump called it disgusting. here is what trump told me. >> it was pump. she wanted to pump in front of me during the deposition. >> the way she described it is she wanted to take a break. >> not true. you can ask my lawyer he said i've never seen anything like it. she wanted to breast pump in front of me. i may have said that's disgusting. i may have said something else. i thought it was terrible. she's a horrible person knows nothing about me. i see her, she's now the great
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expert of donald trump. >> the question isn't so much she's expert but she does have an experience -- >> excuse me she lost. that's what the country needs. the country needs somebody who will win. we lose on trade, we lose to china, japan, mexico. we lose to everybody. wouldn't it be nice if we could finally win something? i beat her so badly. she's a vicious, horrible person -- >> because you're not a politician you know we don't have your voting record to go on. we don't have -- we have your experience as a businessman and part of your experience are legal issues. >> let me explain -- >> can i -- >> so many people are on television that don't know me and they're like experts on me. you know when michael jackson died i knew him very well. everyone was talking about michael jackson. they didn't know him. some of them never even met him. i laughed to myself. here they are talking about michael jackson, they never met
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him. >> my question for you is -- people are looking at that and thinking okay if he blows up at a lawyer in a deposition. >> i didn't blow up. >> negotiating, what would you do if vladimir putin challenged you? >> believe me i get along with people. i didn't blow up in a deposition. i don't blow up. i'm a person that knows exactly -- >> is she wrong, it didn't happen? >> she made it up. >> sill bought your 2000 book "the america we deserve." $7.99 on amazon by the way. i contributed to the empire. you at the time said you were very conservative on most issues but liberal on health care. you advocated a single payer system sore of canadian style. what's your position now? >> well at the time and i will say this. at the time we were having not the kind of difficulty we're having now with obama care. number one and least importantly it's costing the country is a
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fortune fortune. also a very bad form and people are losing their plans, losing their doctors. one of the biggest problems that nobody talks about, doctors are all leaving. >> do you think the answer is still a single-payer system? >> no we have no knock down the borders and let people compete. i want to take care of everybody. you have a group of people who aren't ability to take care of themselves. >> how do you do that? some kind of deal with hospitals where they can get some help when they are sick when they have no money and are sick. you know what if a republican or conservative. i'm a very conservative person. if a conservative person doesn't like the fact i want to take care of themselves if they are really sick and have no money. >> how do you do that? >> we'll have to work out a very smart deal with the hospitals around the country. >> you're saying obamacare. >> it's got to go repeal and replace with some terrific. >> the terrific is --
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>> plans that can be done by private companies. i have to be able to compete. i want to be able to compete and go to a company in california i iowa new hampshire, and i'll get a good price. the only way the government should really be involved is they have to make sure those companies are financially strong so that if they have catastrophic events or if they make a miscalculation they have plenty of money. other than that it's private. you get great plans, great competitions everything else. at the lower end, i want to try to help those people. i don't think there's anything wrong with that. i want to try to help those people so they can also -- it's not like a good plan not like the fines plan that somebody that's made money or has a good living can do but you have to be able to help the people. can you imagine you have no money, and you have no place to go? you know what? if i lose votes or if i don't get a nomination over that that's just fine. >> because it would be
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government assistance effectively? >> you have to help people. >> let's talk about immigration. you have said when it comes to the 11 million -- we're not exactly sure -- >> nobody knows. >> you've said those who are criminals should be thrown out of the country. i think everyone pretty much you know would agree. >> i don't think so. a lot of people think they should stay here. >> just for argument's sake let's just say you're president, you do that. what happens to the other people? what do you do? >> okay. number one, the first thing we do is get the bad ones out. we have a lot of bad dudes, a lot of really bad people here. they're in our prisons and clogging up our prisons. i want to get them back to the country, and i want them to be in their prisons. >> i want the bad ones out. not only the ones in the prison and by the way, they're never coming back. not only the ones in the prison but going around in san francisco and shooting kate and
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jamil, and shooting people that should be with us. okay. then we have a law you're suppose supposed to come in legally. i would get people out and have an expedited way of getting them back in the country so they can be legal. >> when you say get people out. are you talking like a mass deportation? >> we don't know who these people are. >> how do you find them? how do you do that? >> we have to find them. the politicians are not going to find them. they have though clue. >> when you say still getting them out -- just the process of that -- there are a lot of smart people focused on this for a long time saying it's just not feasible. >> it's feasible if you know how to manage. politicians don't know how to management. we have to bring in great people. i love the idea of immigration, but it's gotting to legal. a lot of people are helping us whether it's the grapes or whether it's jobs sometimes it's jobs. in all fairness i love our
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country, but sometimes it's jobs that citizens in the united states don't want to do. there are jobs that a lot of people don't want to do. i want to move them out and move them back in and but they have to be here legally. otherwise you don't have a country. you don't have a country. if people can just -- but i would expedite the system. >> when you say legal, do you mean legal status or eligible for citizenship. >> legal status. no citizenship. later down the line who knows, but legal status. >> so you're open to -- >> it's something i would think about, but i would say right now no. i would say legal status. >> what about the dreamers? what about people who came here when they were children they didn't know what they were doing, they came with their parents who brought them here illegally, many are upstanding citizens. you're right, we don't know how
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many but should they be able to stay legally? >> i've been giving it so much thought, you have a humanitarian basis, a lot of deep thought going into this. i actually have a big heart. a lot of people don't understand that but the dreamers it's a tough situation, we're going to do something, one of the things we'll do is expedite. >> should they have to be -- >> they have to be here legally. they're with their parents, it depends, but look it sounds cold and it sounds hard. we have a country, our country is going to hell. we have to have a system where people are legally in our country. >> about the republican national committees i know you've been talking to the chair reince priebus. >> i have. >> can you give me insight into those conversations? why are you so much more positive? >> i don't think i've changed. i think that -- you know i've gotten some amazing polls. >> what about these conversations that you've been talking about? >> i think that the conversations are very nice i
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respect him. look the best way to win is for me to win the nomination and i will beat hillary. hillary, i don't even know if she'll be able to run. what she did was a criminal act. she burned up the e-mails, got rid of hard drives. she had subpoenas from the united states government. general petraeus was destroyed for doing far less. these destroyed this general's life and what he did is far less than what she's done. so i don't know that she's going to make it. i don't think it's going to be bernie sanders. i think other people will join the race eventually like maybe biden, other people. but i'm not so sure she'll be in the race. the only reason she's maybe and probably not going to be purchased is because all of the prosecutors are democrats. otherwise she wouldn't have a chance. what she did is far worse than petraeus. wow, that was quite a thing.
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dana aside from going after the attorney donald trump, i have to say in this interview he seemed a touch more mellow slightly less bombastic than we have seen in recent weeks. i wouldn't use the word statesman-like but a little calmer. did that hold up through the whole interview. >> it did, jake. i actually even mentioned that to him. i said you know you seem like you really have toned it down. he has going after some of his critics. but that's why i asked him about the republican national committee chair. they both have said they spoke last week but since then he has not been lashing out at his republican opponents really, and, you know perhaps i think just observing this all, jake it seems as though he does have a pretty secure place in both the key states new hampshire and iowa doing pretty well. i think that he is feeling that
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pressure to sort of be a bit more of a politician and front-runner and more importantly they're saying, oh, these real. they have to treat them that way. >> and he wasn't -- >> but republicans all like that so -- >> right, right. of course. dana bash thank you so much. in our national lead a white police officers indicted this afternoon for murder in the shooting death of an unarmed black man. the prosecutor called it quote, the most as i nine act he haus every seen and the whole thing was caught on the cop's body camera. that story is next. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets.
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everything was uncovered. thank god, because this one did not go unsolved. >> heartbreaking words from a mother saying through her tears, finding solace that the police officers accused of murdering her son has now been indicted. some breaking news in our national lead. that was audrey devoss. her son samuel shot and killed during a traffic stop earlier this month. now prosecutors have released the officer's body cam video of the deadly encounter. you see the officer ray tenzing, and asking for the license and possibly a bottle on the floor. the officer then can see him to take his seat belt off, then they struggle over the door. you hear the sounds of gunshots. he had been shot in the back of the head. the prosecutor jo set deter set
1:19 pm
this was a murder he called it the more asinine active ever seen. prosecutors very, very strong words today. >> and rare to hear prosecutors call such words. he called it a senseless act, saying this officer probably never should have been a police officer. and when asked about the stop specifically he can barely contain his words. you're seeing some of the video from it there. he was extremely angry, when one reporter asked about the stop for the front license plate being missing. he called it a, quote, chicken crap stop. >> i've been doing this for more than 30 years. this is the most asinine act i've seen a police officer make. totally unwarranted.
1:20 pm
it was -- it's an absolute tragedy in the year 2015 that anyone would behave in this manner. it was senseless, and i met with the family just moments ago. it's just horrible. >> you can't look at that video and say that that police report follows the video. it doesn't. it contradicts it. so my concern, having done this for a long long time is just that. you look at police reports and they can be self-serving. if there wasn't a video available, i do not believe he would have had an indictment. >> that was mark omara there, the attorney representing the dubose family. when the prosecutor was asked, jake about why he believes the
1:21 pm
officer reacted the way he did, he said he just believes the officer lost his temper because dubose would not get out of the car. >> there's contact here jason. cincinnati obviously ruled that there was an incident back in 2001 and the mayor came out to plead that there be restraint in the community. the family also addressed the prospect of violence. what did they have to say? >> they did. also the prosecutor made it very clear he was so disappointed and distraught, not just because of the shooting but all because the police in cincinnati had done so much to build relations with those members of the african-american community. dubose's family speaking out today. they've been pushing for that body cam to be released. here's what they had to say, very quickly. >> i want everybody just to lift
1:22 pm
up their hands in prayer and thank god, because this one did not go unsolved. so just lift up your hands and thank god. >> we have a higher purpose to serve. it's bigger than just him being a great brother, a great son. he had a purpose for the whole country, the whole world, everybody could see these effects, changes in how cincinnati is handling things. >> officer tensing turned himself in this afternoon, jake now facing murder charges, expected to be in court tomorrow. jake? jason carroll, thank you so much. let's talk about this indictment with the president of the national organization of black law enforcement executives sedrick alexander, and us former prosecutor paul butler. do you see any reason for officer tensing to use his gun at all? >> no matter how much we watch it at this point, there's
1:23 pm
nothing in that video to suggest that that young man should have died the way he did. this was just a horrible horrible tragedy that should not have occurred whatsoever. thank god for the video. it gives us clear, clear evidence of what occurred in those few seconds. the fact that that video does not line up with his report that he wrote, and also with the statement that his partner made is even just as troubling. >> well paul i want to ask you about this. first, he knew he was wearing a body camera. while file a report that doesn't even remotely square with what investigators were obviously going to see. there's always an investigation when there's a dead body. >> thank god for the video instead. without it there would not be an indictment in this case. of course african-americans eeshl spyly have been making alleges about this against police officers for decades, and now that there's video, obvious
1:24 pm
there's more credible evidence. it's still not dispositive. the defense attorney is going to say thank god for the second video. apparently there's on the dash cam video that the defense alleges shows something else. so it's not going to show what the police report says so we know that police report is a big lie. it's fabricated but apparently you know we have this blue wall of silence in these cases, so the defense is hoping to make something of this other video. >> we have another case here cedric where a routine stop ends with another dead body. have you ever seen something so stark? he was pulled over for missing a license tag of some sort. he ends up dead. there didn't even seem to be any possible justification for it. >> i've been in and out of this business jake about 38 years. i think myself along with a
1:25 pm
number of other police officials and administrators across this country probably would attest to the fact we have never seen anything like this before. this is not part of any training protocol and to be able to go from zero to 100 as quickly as this officer did in this particular case is very disturbing to us all. so to the point of your question absolutely not, never seen or experienced anything like this whatsoever. >> how prevalent, obviously we need to make the point that police officers are good officers most of them oy bay the law, most of them are trying to serve the community. how prevalent in this kind of attitude? how much of a problem do you think it is? >> i wish i could say i've never seen anything like this before but in some ways it doesn't look that different. the 5, and says with north ferguson the police officers shot -- he was running away so this is -- >> charleston. >> yeah so this is -- this is
1:26 pm
any endemic problem. i don't know why the university police are enforcing local traffic laws. they don't get the same training that regular police officers get. so that's a problem. this caused the needs for some kinds of national standards for police departments to prevent circumstances like this a lot of people are afraid of african-american men, they're more likely to shoot unarmed black men. >> thank you both so much. in our world lead large pieces of debris from a plane found near an island in the indian ocean, now investigators are trying to find out if it could be possibly from missing flight ma-370. plus he says the deal with iran will send israelis to the, quote, door of the even. mike huckabee, we'll talk about that next. ♪ is man kind?
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perhaps a major clue in one of the biggest mysteries in recent memory -- what happened to malaysian airlines flight 370. today we learned a piece of debris watched up on an ice not far from madagascar officials say it could be part of -- it was march 2014 slightly more than a year ago an international team of experts came to the conclusion that the plane must have crashed somewhere in the indian ocean, but there's been no hard evidence until possibly now. tom, i am as skeptical as our viewership -- is this real what is being done? >> starting with the obvious, jake they're looking at this thing. it appears to be ben 7 feet
1:32 pm
long maybe 3, 4 feet wide our aviation analysts say this could be a part that could be right in here sort of the inner flap next to the body of the plane. is it the right time? is it the right color to fit there? was it found in the right place? airport debris found on the tiny island of reunion have investigators scrambling to find out if they might have evidence of what happened to the missing plane. at first blush, experts say it threat looks like the right kind of is equipment. >> when i sigh the pictures it would be a flap, an ale ron.
1:33 pm
bound for beijing with 239 people aboard. after signing off with the control tower for the last time the flight veered dramatically off-course and disappeared from radar. >> it's incomprehensible this airplane has been missing this long without any trace of it debriswise for about a year and a half. >> reporter: for months they sniff searched the water for any sign of wreckage. they also looked into the backgrounds of the pilots going so far as to examine body language on airport surveillance video. again, they found nothing. malaysian authorities eventually declared the flight a loss and said the passengers and crew were all presumed dead something that families refused to accept. now this after almost 500 days of fruitless searching, finally what may be the first real clue and hope for answers.
1:34 pm
there have been other crashes here near reunion island so it's possible this debris could be livaned to something like that. they'll have to check the serial number and then they will know for sure if they have a match, but then they'll have a big question. what were they doing here near african. when the search areas have been here around australia. so the question where does the investigation go from here? how soon will we know if the debris is anywhere connected? our aviation experts will way in, next. have complete visibility into your business, it can quickly become the only thing you think about. that's where at&t can help. at&t's innovative solutions connect machines and people... to keep your internet of things in-sync, in real-time. leaving you free to focus on what matters most.
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we're back with more questions in our world lead about the plane wreckage found on an island in the indian ocean. it's a matter of time before we learn if it belongs to flight 370. les 'bend, and mary schiavo.
1:39 pm
how long might be it take to inspect it. >> if the part numbers that are stamped on the pieces of the plane still survive, it literally could be a phone call to boeing or to the parts indices to look up parts number to see it it belongs to a 777. if it belongs to a 777, it is mh 370. there have 07b8 been five accidents of a 777, one in london one in san francisco, the shootdown by the russians of mh 17 one where there wasn't any debris and this one. the answer could come within hours if boeing has been contacted and provided part numbers. >> the shootdown by the pro-russian separatists, just so we don't get a letter from have laid march putin. the debris was found in the
1:40 pm
southern part of the indian ocean. that is in the region the experts feared it went down. do you believe the theory could finally be panning out? >> to me the odds are against it because of the fact we have so much contradictory with the evidence. it is possible. i'm not ruling it out. >> last it was headed northeast towards beijing. this area is close to 4,000 miles from where the plane was -- what could have possibly pushed it so far off-course? >> well you know that's what we've been talking about for so long almost a year and a half. with the theories and, you know it got that direction. was it controlled by a human through the autopilot? was the airplane on its own with the autopilot due to some flight control damage? it's hard to say.
1:41 pm
if this is indeed a part of mh 370, it's possible it could have drifted that far to the west with the two typhoons that went through during the search process, certainly it's possible especially if air was maintained in that piece of flight control surface there. so anything is certainly possible. >> mary if this debris does belong to mh-370 but they're still not ever able to recover the black boxes, could it be used to determine what brought the plane down? >> it's going to be very difficult this long in the water. lots of clues that might have been on it will have been erased by the saltwater and time but i think what it will be used for, if this is a 370, a 777, is they will go back and look at the search right at the inception and say if the plane was turning back and did not follow the arcs
1:42 pm
that inmar sat had projected, where would the fuel starvation be. remember with four people with the data this is kind of the area where on a decompression and simple turnback with pilots just trying to get home where the plane might have ended up. this might cause some reevaluation of is the theories to where it went. >> thank to all of you. coming up mike huckabee invoking the holocaust whether talking about the nuclear deal with iran. what does he think about the comments? we'll ask him. plus a sitting member of congress indicted on 29 charges including racketeering. a democrat goes down. that's next. no student's ever done the full hand raise in ap calc. but your stellar notebook gives you the gumption to reach for the sky. that's that new gear feeling. all hp ink buy one get one 50% off. office depot officemax. gear up for school.
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more on our politics lead today. the 16 major republican presidential candidates have only six days now to rise enough in the polls to merit a golden ticket guaranteeing one of the top ten spots in the first republican presidential debate
1:47 pm
next week. many of the white house hopefuls are upping the rhetoric appearing on media, jockeying, thrusting and parrying sitting down with news anchors to get their messages out and their numbers up. that including mike huckabee. he joins us now. thanks for joining us. i want to ask you about the comments you made some jewish groups taking issue with the lange wand you used saying it will march israelis to the door of the ovens, the founder of the simon weisenthal center said he would advise you that no president of the united states should be compared in any way to adolf hitler what's your response? >> i wasn't compare the president to hitler. i'm compare the situation we face when we do not take
1:48 pm
seriously the threats made to the jews for 20 years. we still went into an appeasement mode with the efforts of chamberlain. it was sdas remember. the results history will never forgive us for. i'm simply saying when you've had 36 years of iranian threats to destroy israel and when they use words saying we developed the missile that will deliver israel to a holocaust, and when they as an official government say they want to bring death to america. when they say that they want to be able to destroy israel and all the jews by having them in one place and as a rule is a one-bomb country, those aren't my words. those are their words, the words of a government and i think the last time that we did not take seriously when people were making threats again the jewish people it was a disastrous consequence.
1:49 pm
we cannot stand by and let that happen again. >> but the horrific threats from iranian leaders, they're not new, and in 2008 you wrote an article in which you discuss foreign policy towards iran and you said quote, we must be as aggressive diplomatically as we have been militarily and before i look parents in the eyes to say why i put their children's lives at risk is that not the same philosophy -- >> that's the same philosophy i hold today, but diplomacy doesn't mean you surrender. we got nothing out of this. the hostages are still there, we freed up $150 billion for them to buy conventional arms which we did not restrict. they're going to finance terrorism through hamas and hezbollah through a level they never had the funds to do towards the time we put the sanctions in place. of course diplomacy is a great tool when you actually use it
1:50 pm
but diplomacy means that you go in and you might give up something, but by gosh you get something. i'm not sure what we got except we simply delayed the inevitable the iranians having a nuclear device which they've already said they can't way to have so they can wipe israel off the face of the map. even as we negotiate with them they're chanting death to america. i don't consider that smart diplomacy f that's smart diplomacy, we need to get smarter than that. >> secretary kerry might respond that the u.s. got something out of the deal. they got inspections, an opportunity to monitor and prevent the building of a bomb. your response to that? >> if you believe the iranians are truly going to give access in a 24-day period between the times the inspections are announced, you can guarantee the iranians as honorable as they are -- because we know how they have kept their deals -- if you truly believe they won't keep
1:51 pm
some of the some of the material around this is a great deal but jake i don't trust them. i don't know why anybody would. this is a nation that has not only murdered some of their own people who rose up against the regime but they have sponsored murder and kidnapping all over the world, including murder and kidnapping of americans. i guess i'm not as trusting perhaps as the secretary of state when it comes to the iranian government. >> you would to members today of the afl-cio representing more than 10 million active other retired workers. union leaders typically i think is not a surprise to you support democrats typically. you're the only republican presidential candidate who accepted the group's invitation you do oppose a lot of things the group supports obamacare, i don't think you support a minimum wage increase. what was your message to them? >> well what i made sure they understood was, look you've supported, you being the afl-cio, you've supported democrats 100%. for that you got a 40% tax on
1:52 pm
your health care plans. you've supported the keystone pipeline pipeline yet the democrats are the ones keeping us from having it. i reminded them that at the time of the trade agreement, which will dislocate even more americans from their jobs we haven't enforced both sides of is the trade agreements. i'm fine with free trade, but what we have is not the fair and free trade. we've lost 5 billion manufacturing jobs and 60,000 manufacturing plant closed since the year 2000 so if putting all your eggs in the democrats' basket and this is what you get, you might want to put a few of your eggs in another basket and see if maybe the philosophy and the policies of a guy like me could be more helpful to your members in getting better jobs and making sure they keep those jobs and take care of their families. the economy is hurting the people who sweat through their clothes and who get dirty and lift heavy things every day.
1:53 pm
governor mike huckabee thanks for being here. we really appreciate it. >> thank you, jake. coming up a minnesota dentist is in hiding after he allegedly hunted down the real life lion king. zimbabwe's most beloved big cat, and waves selfdisgust on media. how is the dentist defending himself? across america, people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar but it didn't get me to my goal.
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that lets you choose a time for us to call you. so instead of waiting on hold, we'll call you when things are just as wonderful... [phone rings] but a little less crazy. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. welcome back to "the lead." today the department of justice released an 85-page in2k50i789 against shaka fattah. most of it stemming from 2007 when congressman fattah ran for mayor of philadelphia and lost. prosecutors say the team devised
1:58 pm
schemes to use charitable and federal grands to repay hundreds selfthousands to a wealthy contributor while furthering their interests. today the democrat told reporters he plans to step down as ranking member of the house appropriations committee. he maintains that he and his staff did nothing wrong. he was elected in 1984 as a reformer. the ballser inflated to what psi level we don't know. as they arrive for training camp owner robert kraft is going to war with the nfl over its decision to uphold tom brady's four-game suspension over deflategate. >> the decision handed down by the league yesterday is unfathomable to me. the league still has no hard evident of anything doing anything to tamper with the psi levels of the footballs.
1:59 pm
i continue to believe and unequivocally support tom brady. >> brady himself is also responding to the league for accusing him, in a facebook post he wrote -- i have never, written, texted e-mail to anybody at any time about football pressure to suggest that i destroyed a phone to avoid getting the nfl information it requested is completely wrong, unquote. i guess we'll never know though right? that's what happens when you destroy phones or wipe servers clean. outrage directed at an american dentist. dentist walter palmer put out a statement through a pr firm saying he regrets the kill. he thought his hunt earlier this month in zimbabwe was legal and not on protected ground. little did he know then the lion was a tourist attraction. now the dentist is the hunted as
2:00 pm
investigators in zimbabwe want to talk to him and animal activists protest at his minnesota dentist's office. two other men hired by palmer for the hunt appeared in court. they are now both free on bail. palmer said he would cooperate with any investigation, but yet to be contacted by the u.s. and zimbabwe. that's it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper turning you over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." \s happening now, breaking news. plane wreckage found. debris from an aircraft washes ashore on a remote island. could it be the key to unlocking the mystery? trump unleashed. donald trump doubles down saying an attorney trying to pump breast milk in a deposition. >> she's a horrible person knows nothing about me. i see her, she's now the great expert on 2k07b8d trump.